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Earlier this year I visited my uncle who luckily lives in the sunny Barcelona, Spain. I had just finished all the exams for graduating school and we had exactly one week until the graduation event. I brought one of my best friends, a camera and, most importantly: my skateboard!


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Why the skateboard? It was really just a spontaneous thing. We were riding around on those tiny Pennyboards every now and then and decided to just take them along. BEST IDEA EVER!

To those that have never been to Barcelona: The city is build right at the coast and touches the mountains on the other side. The result is that most of the roads are at an angle – heaven for our skateboard! We would skate down from my uncles apartment all the way to the harbor or whatever other place we wanted to see. Thanks to the well connected subway system, we didn’t even need to walk back up. Check out the movie I made about the trip (more text afterwards):



Thanks to the skateboards we were so fast at getting around town that we had already seen most of the sights after the first two days. Lots of time left to do what I love most about traveling: pretend you’re local. It was quite easy with this one since we woke up in a normal apartment anyways, not in a hotel. We would get some breakfast in a tiny café (the owner was seriously amused about the fact that we didn’t understand a word, she only spoke Spanish), then “work” a little (taking photos) and then spend our afternoon skating along the beach promenade or getting tanned.


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If I had to describe Barcelona with one word, I would call it “colorful”. The old Gaudi architecture, combined with palm trees and the blue Mediterranean Sea result in a perfect mixture of colors. And as you could see in the video: If you have a skateboard, take it with you!

My uncle was not only generous enough to let us live at his place, he also took us to the top of Tibidabo one evening. Those that know my photography really well will not be surprised, but I was really excited about taking long exposure photographs up there.



I highly recommend that, if you find yourself in Barcelona and have nothing planned for one day, you should use it to just relax and try to live as “Barcelonian” as possible. I will definitely be back (only to visit the family of course) as soon as I can, its hard not to be happy in such a fantastic city.

Oh and, just in case you’re looking for a simple snack during lunch time and don’t know what to get, order a “bikini” (yes you can eat those in Spain). Somehow they perfected ham & cheese sandwiches.


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