Let’s shape the future of traveling together!

How can the future of traveling look like if COVID-19 is here to stay?

What do you do, when you can not travel? Even more specifically, what do you do as a TRAVEL magazine, when you can not travel? COVID-19 has drastically changed the way the world works. With a vaccine nowhere in sight, it is time that we, creatives, come up with creative ideas how life, and (for us) specifically traveling can look like in the future.



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But not only COVID-19 pushes us to rethink traveling. In the recent months we had a lot of time to become more conscious about the environmental impact of the jet-setting lifestyle that has dominated Instagram in the past decade. As a travel magazine, we obviously don’t want to tell people not to travel anymore. But perhaps it is time to find alternative, less impactful, ways to explore our planet?

A very important question came up during our discussions: where is our place in all this? We are a travel magazine, but where should we stand? What to we promote? But also, where do we draw the line? At what point are we no longer an inspirational magazine, but too political? There is a lot to figure out.



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What about Issue 003 and the future of Travelvibes?

Fortunately, we have collected many stories and photographs over the past year – so yes Travelvibes Magazine Issue 003 will definitely happen and is already 80% finished! We have a lot to catch up on, but we have amazing stories waiting for you. I’m optimistic that it will be even more enjoyable to read!

In the future, after Issue 003 is released, I would like to get in touch with you, the community, and figure out an even more community based approach for our magazine. We have always been focused on promoting up & coming creatives. We share different perspectives on destinations, that you won’t see on mainstream media. Do you think we should focus even more on the people? Or focus more on the art itself? Perhaps, we can promote creatives over promoting destinations?

I picked the ocean/surfing as a theme for this topic specifically. Both stand for a state of mind that is one with nature and comes with a very open minded and conscious community. A similar spirit could be the perfect base to build a community that shapes the way of life for the future. I’d really like to know how YOU feel about this. So please, reach out, start a conversation or leave your thoughts in the comments! Lets shape the future of traveling together!

– Nicolas Markschat, Creator of Travelvibes Magazine

Feel free to also reach out to us directly via email or instagram!


  • Monica says:

    Happy to know that there’ll be a Travelvibes mag 003, I was waiting for it. I’m so curious to see and read the stories you’ve collected, surely you’ve done another great job.
    My best wishes!

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