Hong Kong


I’ve never seen a place like Hong Kong. Maybe thats only because I’ve never been to Asia before but the amount of super tall buildings is somewhat intimidating. One part of the city, Kowloon (where we stayed at) often has the same building multiple times right next to each other. Some of them exist more than 5 times.




Between those houses are small streets looking exactly the way I always imagined Asia: Camera stores, food stores with fish tanks or entire ducks in their windows and every now and then there’s an old lady with a cart. Our hostel was right inside of that mess, you had to walk past an Indian guy making (more or less) fresh food, someone offering you cheap phones and another one selling ”real“ rolex watches in order to get to the elevator to our room.




The other side, Hong Kong island feels like the exact opposite. Only ten HK$ and a three minutes train ride feel like you’ve traveled to a different country. Most people wear suits, nobody is trying to sell you watches and the buildings look similar to those in the skylines of New York or Singapore. The entire atmosphere has changed.




When you’re over there, I highly recommend going up Victoria Peak. Every dollar/footstep it costs you is definitely worth it. You have a perfect overview of the actual size of Hong Kong and you are about the same height as the major skyscrapers. Speaking of skyscrapers, you will notice there is only one major skyscraper on the Kowloon side. You can go up there as well and will have great views on… basically everything. We got up there during sunset and because of the mixture of golden light and smog, it was one of the coolest sunsets ever.




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