Issue 003 of Travelvibes Magazine is out now!

The wait is finally over, with a huge delay we finally finished the issue 003 of Travelvibes Magazine. For us, the wait was worth it. We used the extra time to refine the magazine and improve the stories. The result is a magazine meant to help you calm down during these stressful times, and to inspire those that are stuck at home.

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Once again issue 003 brings content by creatives from all over the world

Andreas Kind

Andreas will take us on a journey to the deserts and towns of Morocco.


Nick Hogan

While San Francisco is probably already on every travelers map, Nick Hogan will give us a special local perspective on the city.


Perry Skegness & Megumi Suzuki

One of the cities we wanted to showcase was Tokyo. While I went there myself last year, I was so amazed by the city that I completely forgot to take enough photos… So we reached out to Perry and Megumi and asked them to present their unique perspective of the city.



Paul Hepper & Julian Berger

Something a bit different to our usually bright and warm visuals: Paul and Julian went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In Travelvibes issue 003 they give a short insight into a country, that you probably wouldn’t think of when planning a vacation.

Julian Berger

Travelvibes Team

Of course, the Travelvibes Team also has some exciting stories to share! Unlike last time, we have a total of no less than four stories from our journeys. We will take you all the way  from Mexico to Sri Lanka, and finally to Vietnam. As a bonus, Leon did a road-trip across Europe last year and has things to show that none of us expected to exist this close to home.

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