Photography Guide to Hamburg? We collected the best spots in a interactive map!

Photography Guide to Hamburg (incl. map)

The best spots in Hamburg

Besides Berlin, Hamburg is one of my favorite cities in Germany. Last month I finally got the chance to go there and spent an entire afternoon strolling around with my camera. Before my trip, I did a little research and looked for the best spots out there. Now that I have explored the city myself, I can actually say which places are good. So I put together this list so you can snap the best possible instagrams while in Hamburg! All of the spots are also marked in a map at the end of the post, so you can find them more easily


1. Above ground subway

The Berlin subway has its iconic yellow color and the Hamburg subway its metallic-red. My girlfriend thinks I take too many pictures of trains but the combination of moving objects and infrastructure simply fits right into my favorite field of photography. If you follow the line U3, a total of three of the subway stations are above ground and offer you a great view on the moving subway carts. Right next to the offices of “Sparkasse” you can also get a view on the train emerging from the tunnels. All of the spots are marked on the map.


2. St. Pauli Tunnel

The perfectly straight tunnel from the cover photo is the St. Pauli Tunnel. Built in 1911, it used to be one of the main connections between the international harbor and the city. Nowadays, there is mainly pedestrians and bicycles using the tunnel so you can stand in the middle of the road without a problem. The entrance to the tunnel is also really interesting with an old elevator capable of moving entire cars.


3. HafenCity

In the south part of Hamburg, an entire new neighborhood is rising from the ground. Besides the modern architecture and mini-skyscraper, my favorite photographs were take underground. The stations “HafenCity Universität” and “Überseequartier” are pretty much brand new and offer some incredible architecture. If you enjoy symmetry, you will LOVE these stations.


4. Hamburg Speicherstadt

Yes, I know this is in pretty much every list out there. But the Speicherstadt with its unique red brick warehouses and small canals never get’s old. Even besides the typical tourist spots I was able to find new unique corners to take photos of. I also snapped a photo of our magazine there.


5. Open Eyes

It sounds silly to say this but open eyes and comfy shoes are your best friend when exploring Hamburg (or any city for that matter). I would’ve never found some of the spots below without strolling through the city searching for interesting locations. You can find so many photo opportunities by just walking around prepared and aware.



I hope this Photography Guide to Hamburg made your trip a lot easier and more exciting. If you know any other awesome spots let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the map!

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