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One magazine – One tree planted!

New years resolution for mother nature

New year – new projects. Beside our mission to support creatives and build up a platform for different kinds of art and design, it is highly important for us to protect our beautiful mother nature at the same time.

One of our first goals for the new year was to find a way that combines these two subjects. But how can we do that? After many own ideas and research on organizations that are already established in the field of saving our environment, we decided to get in touch with Plant-for-the-Planet.


What is Plant-for-the-Planet?

Plant-for-the-Planet is a children and youth initiative launched in January 2007 by the nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner. At the end of his school presentation about the current climate crisis, he announced his vision to his classmates: “Let’s plant one million trees in every country on earth!

The current goal of the initiative is to plant a trillion trees worldwide and we want to be part of it. Trees are the cheapest and most effective means of binding CO2, allowing us more time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and mitigate the climate crisis.


Stop talking. Start planting.

So from now on for every sold copy of our magazine – printed or digital – we will plant one tree with Plant-for-the-Planet. We are looking forward to more projects together with exciting organizations and you will get more information about that in Issue 003 of our magazine coming later this year.


A local planting for Plant-for-the-planet.
A local planting for Plant-for-the-planet.

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