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Since I was a kid I always dreamed of visiting New York City. I can’t remember what made me like it so much but there was something magical about it. I just wanted to find out, if all the sayings really were true – the endless possibilities and new things to discover around every corner. You can imagine how excited I was when my dad told me, he’d travel to NYC with me.



The moment we left Penn Station, which was where we arrived after a train ride from Newark Airport, I was overwhelmed by the amount of different impressions I had to process. It was noisy, it smelt differently and it was probably the first time in my life I had to look straight up to see the sky. The first pictures I took were all shaky or blurry because I didn’t quite know what to focus on.

DSC00272 Kopie


But I loved it. I enjoyed every second. After checking in at the hotel we went straight to Times Square, because it was just around the corner. My first expectation was already fulfilled at that point: There was something new around every corner. The giant neon billboards were even bigger than I thought. In the middle of an army of tourists were all kinds of ”street performers“ reaching from sesame street characters to half naked women – something for all ages.




It kept going like that. Where ever you look, you see something interesting. We used Citi Bikes to get around town (which I highly recommend, they are quick and, other than the subway, you actually see the city while getting from A to B) and ended up in parts of the city we had never heard of but I still enjoyed seeing them. One time we accidentally landed in a slightly frightening district though, with a tall and muscular man screaming at us with his barking pitbull on a leash. Luckily our bikes were fast enough to get away before we even understood what he wanted.

I think in the end we drove our bikes over Brooklyn Bridge about 10 times. Pretty sure my dad hated me a little bit for making him bike that much.

Even after such a short article you might have gotten a sense for how I feel about New York. It’s pure magic! It amazes me how, between all the dirt and smell, creativity flows everywhere. You meet fantastic people wherever you go. And the buildings…! For a person like me, that comes from a relatively small town, it almost feels surreal. I can’t wait for the next time I go there.

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